Audiophile masters

Some of our songs have an "audiophile version" with them. If you're keen to know what this means read on.

All songs go through a mastering process before they're released where - among other things - the sound is made 'louder' for more clarity and power on your laptop, phone headphones or radio. For most of you, this is what you're used to hearing on nearly all songs and albums and is fine for these devices.

However, the dynamic of these songs also suffer as a consequence and is often not how the band or producer originally envisaged the sound or mix. We've decided to offer a softer "audiophile" master which will sound quieter, but offers much more dynamic and texture. If listening on a good hi-fi, amp or pair of headphones (not from a phone), you may find this version of Quake sounds even heavier when cranked up, with lots of textual detail you wouldn't have noticed before.

It sounds best when listened to on HD lossless FLAC or ALAC, so we're only releasing this on Bandcamp, which supports these formats. If you buy the whole single, this B-Side comes as no extra cost. We hope you audiophiles out there enjoy hearing this version if Quake. 

...The rest of you who have no idea what we're talking about can haplessly ignore this page.